The Equestrian Shop

WALLPAPER AND TEXTILES By Judy Beau We all knew I would create equestrian wallpaper and textiles. Horses were my first love. I begged for riding lessons, drew and painted horses incessantly, and read every book about the subject I could find – from the evolution of Eohippus (I didn’t even have to look that up […]

Winter Woods

Cabincore FABRIC AND HOME DECOR By Judy Beau Winter Woods is a lighthearted mini collection of cozy cabincore fabric and home decor that captures the essence of small winter pleasures. While I would not call myself a “winter enthusiast,” it is hard to not feel a twinge of excitement for a snowfall. I suppose childhood […]

Gaea’s Gifts

A floral collection of fabric and wallpaper Lose yourself in the nature-inspired landscapes of Gaea’s Gifts, a floral collection of fabric and wallpaper. Gaea (often spelled “Gaia”) is the Greek goddess of the earth. She seemed a fitting honoree for this botanical ensemble. Linen backdrops add sophistication, while simple pen strokes keeps things from being […]

Shiny + Brite

Holiday Fabric and Home Decor Grab a cup of hot cocoa and take a moment to explore my holiday fabric and home decor collection. Christmas, for me, is wrapped up in the smell of fir and cinnamon, and the sight of holiday lights and candles burning bright. Breathe it all in and allow the magic […]


DESIGNS by MOTIF Cozy Plaids FABRIC AND WALLPAPER BY JUDY BEAU I guess I’m just plaid crazy. I’ve never been afraid of mixing it up when it comes to design motifs, so plaids tend to make their way into even my floweriest collections. Ginghams, Buffalo plaids, Tartan plaids and picnic checks — all play well […]


Halloween fabric fat quarters

Collections FABRIC AND HOME DECOR By Judy Beau A little of the traditional, a little of the outre, this Halloween fabric and home decor collection is ready to adorn party table settings and spooky outfits. As a teen, Halloween was one of my favorite holidays. I’d spend hours with my friends planning parties and decorations, […]

Lake & Lodge Bedding Collection

I am currently planning a makeover of our guest room. I have spent countless hours in careful consideration of the bedding’s “theme,” as if I was designing a Disney resort. After all, a bedroom is more than just a place to sleep; it’s a sanctuary …

Linnea’s Garden

Collections By Judy Beau Bold and geometric, yet fanciful, the Linnea’s Garden Fabric Collection was inspired by Scandinavian designs with a retro twist. Whimsical woodland animals live in harmony with flowers and vegetables (unlike my own yard) and the joyful colors dance between lively sun-filled meadows and shadowed forests. I can envision these designs in […]

Dandelions and Daydreams

Farmhouse and Cottage wallpaper and textiles Dispatching wishes with dandelion fluff, holding buttercups under our chins to see who liked butter (everyone), and plucking daisy petals to see if our school crush loved us back. Picking sweet blueberries, bees softly buzzing as they worked in the warmth of the sun. Lying on old quilts on […]

Sylvie’s Cottage

a FRENCH COUNTRY Collection Wallpaper and Textile Design By Judy Beau Decidedly old-fashioned and softly feminine, this French country wallpaper and textile collection was inspired by a love of vintage fabrics. Florals influenced by the Arts and Crafts movement dominate these designs, but classic ticking stripes and ginghams have a moment in the spotlight, too. […]