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Simple + Fun Brand Collaborations

Makers and boutique brands, are you looking for unique and beautiful designs to help your handmade products stand out from the crowd? Judy Beau brand collaborations are easy and stress free. Even if you are a small business with an Etsy shop, I’m here for it. I’d love to work with you! Let’s start by answering some questions you may have.

Can I sell items made with Judy Beau fabric?

Yes! This is the easiest and most approachable way to collaborate. If you purchase designs from a Judy Beau partner, such as Spoonflower or Raspberry Creek Fabrics, you may sell what you make. No formal agreement is needed. If you’d like to tag me or share photos, I’d love to promote what you do!

Can I get a custom scale or color?

Yes! Most designs can be resized and recolored. So if you love a print, you can request to have it scaled down or enlarged for your products. This is also your opportunity to select colorways that align with your brand. Please reach out or use this form.

How about a custom design?

Send me your idea! If it aligns with my brand I will develop a concept for you and make it available for purchase on a partner site, such as Spoonflower. Depending on the complexity and exclusivity of the design, I may charge a nominal fee and/or ask for a minimum purchase. I’m pretty friendly and flexible, so let’s chat!

What if I want exclusivity on a design?

In this case you probably want a licensing agreement. This would give you the right to use a design on your product for a defined period of time. I retain ownership of the design, but this kind of agreement would preclude anyone else in your market space from using the same artwork. Let’s chat!

What if I want to print it myself on my products?

That’s possible, too! This is another instance when a licensing agreement may work best. As outlined above, I retain ownership of the design, but you can “rent” a design (or designs) for a period of time. This is usually a royalty-based agreement. I’d love to talk to you about what designs interest you most. Please reach out!