Resize and recolor requests

Need a pattern tweaked for your project? I’m here for you! You can email me with your requirements, or use this form to request resizes or recolors of designs.

While most of my designs are easily revised, please keep in mind there may be a few designs that are difficult to change.

How to use this form

  • You can submit requests for up to 5 designs per form.
  • To identify the design you would like revised, please provide the URL/Design address. For example, the URL to my “Canoes and Paddles in Cream and Shore Blue ” print is:
  • If you don’t have the URL, you can enter a brief description in the in the URL field. Or send me a screenshot via email.
  • To communicate resizes, you may ask to increase/decrease the entire repeat, or you may provide the size of the motif you would like changed. For instance you may wish for each canoe in the above example to be 3.5″ wide. Keep in mind wallpaper must meet specific size criteria, so exact changes might not always be possible.
  • It is easiest to communicate color changes if you can provide hex codes or Pantone FHI-Cotton TCX color codes. If you prefer to send screenshots, you may also email me.
  • I try to reply as quickly as possible, but I personally review all design requests, so please allow a day or two to hear back.
  • Once the resize and/or recolor is complete, you will have the opportunity to review and purchase swatches to make sure the final printed product meets your requirements.

Resize | Recolor Form