Judy Beau riding her horse Locket

About Judy Beau


“Art should touch everyone’s life. It need not be a museum visit or an art gallery purchase. Consider a quirky mug that brightens your day; a favorite blouse that sparks confidence; the perfect accessory that causes you to smile; a treasured quilt that soothes the heart; or a charming wallpaper that welcomes you home.”judy beau signature

Judy Beau is a surface designer, artist and illustrator living in Maine. Much of her early career was as a graphic designer, and she ran a successful marketing company for fifteen years. Between clients, she constantly sought ways to be more creative in her work. She began to paint and explore surface pattern design and illustration five years ago. Today she still applies many of the skills learned through commercial design, but she has found joy and expressive freedom in this new direction.

As is evidenced by many of her prints and patterns, Judy is avid equestrian, and loves to bring that experience to her creative work. Her Maine surroundings have been a source of inspiration as well. The mountains, lakes, ocean, and beaches have influenced her designs and motifs. She strives to create works that impart a sense of heritage and home.

Judy Beau’s art may be found on wallpaper, fabrics, and home decor from Spoonflower. She loves working with interior designers, and welcomes licensing inquiries and brand collaborations, big and small.

Judy Beau
wallpaper or fabric pattern of laced reins and horseshoes in blue-gray and gold
gold snaffle bits design on a black background
Bay mare