Winter Woods

Fabric rolls featuring snowy trees and gingham checks

Cabincore FABRIC AND HOME DECOR By Judy Beau Winter Woods is a lighthearted mini collection of cozy cabincore fabric and home decor that captures the essence of small winter pleasures. While I would not call myself a “winter enthusiast,” it is hard to not feel a twinge of excitement for a snowfall. I suppose childhood […]

Shiny + Brite

Holiday Fabric and Home Decor Grab a cup of hot cocoa and take a moment to explore my holiday fabric and home decor collection. Christmas, for me, is wrapped up in the smell of fir and cinnamon, and the sight of holiday lights and candles burning bright. Breathe it all in and allow the magic […]


Halloween fabric fat quarters

Collections FABRIC AND HOME DECOR By Judy Beau A little of the traditional, a little of the outre, this Halloween fabric and home decor collection is ready to adorn party table settings and spooky outfits. As a teen, Halloween was one of my favorite holidays. I’d spend hours with my friends planning parties and decorations, […]