The Equestrian Shop

WALLPAPER AND TEXTILES By Judy Beau We all knew I would create equestrian wallpaper and textiles. Horses were my first love. I begged for riding lessons, drew and painted horses incessantly, and read every book about the subject I could find – from the evolution of Eohippus (I didn’t even have to look that up […]


DESIGNS by MOTIF Cozy Plaids FABRIC AND WALLPAPER BY JUDY BEAU I guess I’m just plaid crazy. I’ve never been afraid of mixing it up when it comes to design motifs, so plaids tend to make their way into even my floweriest collections. Ginghams, Buffalo plaids, Tartan plaids and picnic checks — all play well […]


DESIGNS by MOTIF Stripes BY JUDY BEAU I love a good, hard-working stripe. So it’s no surprise that they make frequent appearances in my collections. Cabana stripes with a gothic twist, classic ticking stripes in cottage colors, floral stripes, traditional shirting stripes, playful retro stripes — they all find a home here. Available on a delightful […]