A floral collection of fabric and wallpaper

Gaea's Gifts Fabric and Wallpaper

Lose yourself in the nature-inspired landscapes of Gaea’s Gifts, a floral collection of fabric and wallpaper. Gaea (often spelled “Gaia”) is the Greek goddess of the earth. She seemed a fitting honoree for this botanical ensemble.

Linen backdrops add sophistication, while simple pen strokes keeps things from being too “fussy.” Created in [mostly] serene color palettes, they impart a sense of coziness, tradition, and home.

I fell ridiculously in love with the first understated flower I created for this collection and found myself on a creative quest to replicate it’s simplicity and charm. Rather than letting the end purpose define these designs, I embarked on a path with no clear destination. I think it worked out just fine.

I’d love to see how you channel your inner earth goddess and welcome Gaea’s Gifts into your life. Please look me up when you are being social and share?

Tossed Blooms | Cracked Pepper
Sophia Stripe | Cracked Pepper
Flower Field | Cracked Pepper
Tossed Blooms | Chinoiserie Blue
wallpaper or fabric design with vines and lattice design in blue and ecru
Sophia Stripe | Chinoiserie Blue
Flower Field | Chinoiserie Blue
Flower Field | Sea Mist - Bathroom Wallpaper
Closeup of curtain panels with vine and lattice design in blue and tan
Sophia Stripe | Chinoiserie Blue - Draperies
Tossed Flowers | Twill and Sea Mist
Wallpaper design featuring hand drawn vines and lattice
Sophia Stripe | Sand and Sky
Flower Field | Sea Mist
Tossed Blooms | Sage
wallpaper or fabric design of leafy vines and lattice in a sage green color
Sophia Stripe | Sage
Flower Field | Sage

where's my color?

These carefully curated selections represent favored colorways from the Gaea’s Gifts collection. If you’ve dropped by from social channels you may be looking for that one color that caught your eye. Rest assured they are all available. Visit the Judy Beau Spoonflower shop for a full array of choices.