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Embark on a woodland adventure with Lake and Lodge curated bedding collections. One of the most approachable home improvements you can make is to transform your bedroom into a peaceful escape with thoughtfully curated bedding.

I am currently planning a guest room makeover and have spent countless hours in careful consideration of the bedding’s “theme,” as if I was designing a Disney resort. After all, a bedroom is more than just a place to sleep; it’s a sanctuary to recharge, relax, and dream. A well-curated collection can turn your bedroom into a haven of comfort and serenity — something we can all use a little more of.

I’ve never been a fan of “matchy-matchy,” and prefer layering patterns and colors that complement each other. The bedding should, at the very least, be a reflection of one’s personality. For me this means outdoorsy designs. We live on a small pond in the Maine woods, so this is a natural choice for our home. Since this is for a guest room, I also wanted an aesthetic that would appeal to our visitors and make their stay with us feel like a little escape. The lake camp vibe checks all these boxes.

I’ve shared a few of my selections here. Find these curated collections on Spoonflower, an eco-friendly and sustainable fabric and home decor seller. If you are feeling social, I’d love to hear what you think.

Lake Lodge bedding collection

Lake Lodge

Lake life is the best life. The Canoes and Paddles print takes center stage on the duvet cover and euro shams, while the Gingham Check in warm tan and griege adds rustic flair and grounds the look. The sheet set features Depth Map No.5 in soothing Sea Grass Green. A lumbar throw pillow provides the finishing touch in the Adirondack Chair Stripe design.

Log Cabin

Buffalo Plaid provides a traditional camp backdrop for this bedding collection that is both classic and quirky. Pine Forest pillow cases in midnight, and a Potpourri lumbar throw pillow add a playful punchline. An old-fashioned ticking stripe print in cream and charcoal keeps things light.

Log Cabin bedding collection
Summer Camp bedding collection

Summer Camp

Whimsical enough for a kids bedroom, but versatile enough for anyone to feel at home, these coordinating designs provide a friendly summer camp vibe. Forest Deer pattern in Pine Green on the duvet cover and pillow case and Blanket Plaid in Woodland on the sheets and pillow. Purchase a sheet set of each design to achieve this look (and give you a welcome reprieve on laundry day).

The above bedding collections are some of my favorites. I love how they impart a wilderness lodge or lake camp vibe to make everyday feel like a little escape. Make it your own by swapping out coordinating designs or different colorways. Find a couple suggestions below.

Painted Paddles duvet cover shown with a blue throw blanket

Lake Lodge Swap

Dark room? Lighten the look by swapping the Canoes and Paddles design for the Painted Paddles print in Sand.

Summer Camp sheet set and duvet cover

Summer Camp Swap

Bright colors add a sunny vibe and youthful appeal. Add a solid color sheet or pillow cases to ground the look.

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