Dinner Napkins


Use Spoonflower Fill-a-Yard to create a fun assortment of simple mitered-corner dinner napkins.

About the Fabric

For this project I chose designs from my Avocado Toast Collection and had them printed on 2 yards of Spoonflower’s Fill-a-Yard in Organic Cotton Sateen. This allowed me to have an assortment of 12 perfectly-sized squares for my napkins.

The organic sateen was a dream to work with. It has slight sheen and a wonderful feel with a great balance of softness and body. It doesn’t fray too easily, so I popped it in the washer without stabilizing the edges first. I used a cool cycle with a phosphate-free detergent and tumble dried it on low. Cutting the napkins apart before pressing to makes handling the fabric more manageable. At this point the fabric is very colorfast, but I iron from the back to be safe.


In addition to the fabric you will need:

  • Thread to match or complement your napkins. I used ivory.


NOTE: Click on any of the photos to enlarge. Click on “x” in upper right corner to close zoomed view.

STEP 1 – Trim Squares to Size

Using a rotary cutter and straight edge, or a pair of scissors, trim each napkin to size by removing the white border.

If you are not using Spoonflower’s Fill-a-Yard, cut 17 1/2″ x 17 1/2″ squares from a suitable fabric.

STEP 2 – Press Under Raw Edge

Press under 3/8″ on all four sides of your napkin.

STEP 3 – Press Under Edge Again

Press under a second 3/8″ on all four sides of your napkin. The raw edge is now on the inside. Unfold this second hem for the next step.

STEP 4 – Mark the Corners

As noted in the previous step, you will want to unfold the second hem to mark the stitch line for the mitered corner.

There is more than one way to accomplish this. You can make a mark on each side 3/4″ from the corner and connect the marks with a straight edge.

I planned to do 12 napkins so I wanted a quicker way. I took a piece of card stock and measured 3/4″ from one corner on 2 sides and then cut from mark to mark to give me the little triangle as shown in the photo. I then am able to simply align the card stock template at each corner of the napkin and trace my line.

STEP 5 – Align and Pin

Fold the corner with right sides together to form a 45 degree angle. Pin to help keep layers in place.


STEP 6 – Stitch Corner

Stitch along marked line.

TIP: Start on the inside edge as shown. When you reach the finished edge, back tack to inside edge. This will keep your cut threads more manageable.


STEP 7 – Trim Corner

Trim the corner to eliminate bulk along the seam.

STEP 8 – Turn Corner

Turn the corner right side out.

STEP 9 – Press

Press corner and sides.

STEP 10 – Stitch Around Napkin

Starting near the middle of one long side, stitch around napkin 1/8″ from inside edge. Back tack at beginning and end of hem. Trim threads.

STEP 10 – Your Napkin is Complete!

Press once more for a nice crisp finish.

I love that napkins are simple and sustainable way to keep excess paper products out of the environment. If you want another eco-friendly project, check out these handy to-go pouches. They are perfectly sized to hold a set of flatware and a fabric napkin. Toss them in a lunch box, or keep them in your car for your next impromptu meal-on-the-go.