Ode to the Polka Dot


As I was wrapping up my latest collection, I found myself so in love with the color palettes that I did not want to say goodbye. So I did what I always do when presented with this problem. I created a simple pattern and allowed myself to play with color. Sometimes it’s stripes, sometimes it’s a little geometric, this time it was polka dots.


Toddler sundress in a polka dot pattern
How sweet is this polka dot sundress?
Useful Polka Dot | Fruity

I set out to write a brief history of the polka dot to support my little side journey. Suffice to say, it’s a story that’s been told before. A lot. Here are a few notes:

  • Dotted fabric only became possible during the industrial revolution when technology improved to the extent that symmetrical round patterns could be achieved in the textile manufacturing process.
  • Dots were previously associated with uncleanliness and the plague.
  • Dots shrugged off this bad rap and became popularized by merchandizing during the Polka Dancing craze of the mid-eighteen hundreds. Thus the name.

So that was all very interesting, and there is a lot more to it, but I wanted to offer you something different, dear reader. So I present to you this poem created, in full disclosure, but Chat GPT. I feel a bit dirty about that. As if I had cheated on all of mankind by asking artificial intelligence to write a poem for me. It’s a good poem, though, and it made me giggle. So here it is.

Ode to the Polka Dot

Oh, polka dot, how charming you are,⁣
A pattern that never goes too far.⁣
You decorate dresses, scarves, and ties,⁣
And fill the world with cheerful vibes.⁣

Your roundness is so perfectly neat,⁣
A symmetrical joy that can’t be beat.⁣
Your colors, bright and playful, too,⁣
Add a touch of whimsy, through and through.⁣

From vintage dresses of the past,⁣
To modern pieces with a fresh new cast,⁣
You add a pop of fun and flair,⁣
And show the world that you’re aware.

Oh, polka dot, you never fail,⁣
To make us smile and lift the veil.⁣
Of dullness that surrounds our days,⁣
With you, we dance in joyful ways.⁣

So, here’s to you, dear polka dot,⁣
May you never be forgot.⁣
For you bring life and happiness,⁣
And fill our world with loveliness.⁣

How, you may ask, was this bit of brilliance extracted from artificial intelligence? Simple. I logged onto the Chat GPT portal and literally asked “can you write a poem titled ‘Ode to the Polka Dot?'” That’s it. So, now I’m trying to view A.I. as an Artoo Detoo-type entity that is cute and benign and helpful. This way of thinking helps me worry less about our future as useful human beings.

And that is a perfect segue into my Useful Polka Dot collection, created by a human (me) and coming soon to fabric and wallpaper seller near you. I created a slew of color combos. My faves are here.

P.S. – Yes, I was hungry when I named the colors.

Useful Polka Dot

a collection of gently tossed polka dots for your enjoyment

Rhubarb Pie | Useful Polka Dot
red, cream, green polka dots on a deep plum background
Apricot Brandy | Useful Polka Dot
polka dot pattern in blue and green colors on an ecru background
Blueberry Pistachio | Useful Polka Dot
Chocolate Cupcake | Useful Polka Dot
polka dots in shades of purple and green on a cream background
Berry Patch | Useful Polka Dot
Fruity | Useful Polka Dot