Sweet Dreams



Say hello to Pegasus Lullaby, my entry in this week’s Spoonflower Challenge, “Room-Specific Wallpaper.” The assignment (I’ve started thinking of these as assignments, as opposed to contests) was to choose a room and create the perfect wallpaper design to adorn the walls.

I had a few false starts on this one. I was determined to do something truly different as I felt the laundry room, bathroom, kitchen and nursery designs would be well represented. I had landed, instead, on an idea for a tack room design. For the uninitiated, a tack room is where you store horse bridles and saddles. I spent a good chunk of my weekend on a horse bits concept, a common theme seen in fashion, that I felt would translate well as wallpaper.

When I paraded a couple sample layouts in front of my local critics it was not well received. It happens. I’m always thankful for their honesty … mostly.

At this point it was now Monday evening. I had a full day of meetings scheduled for Tuesday, so it was crunch time. I decided to join the masses and submit a nursery-themed design.

In the interest of not staying up all night I started by playing around with my previous Lunar Rabbit design. I simplified it by removing the botanical elements and adding some clouds. It became a simple night sky scene, but with a bunny. It was a decent concept and I was ready to call it a night, but my muse would not let me rest. I felt compelled to just roughly sketch a Pegasus to see if it would be an option.

A "bit" of failed concept. This was NOT well received by my critic crew.
Not bad, but I had already done the bunny/moon theme just a couple weeks prior.
The humble beginnings of Pegasus. What is up with those legs?

Two hours later – and way past my bedtime – I put the finishing touches on my winged pony. I believe It was worth it. I was satisfied with the final concept, and I was much happier knowing my final design was a little less “recycled.”

I waited until morning to submit to the contest, just in case my night brain had led me astray. Aside from a couple minor tweaks I felt this wallpaper pattern was ready for the world. I uploaded to the Spoonflower Challenge and hit submit with very few qualms.

Once I had time to breathe again, I played with some color variations. In addition to wallpaper, I could envision an adorable children’s fabric collection. I created a simple starry sky pattern to complement Pegasus. Just for fun, I played around with some kid’s pajama sets and a baby sleeping bag – shown below.

This challenge has a LOT of entrants – over 1800! You may want to get comfortable and grab a snack before scrolling through the numerous wallpaper patterns. I’m looking forward to seeing what rooms designers have chosen for their theme. Please support independent artists by casting your vote! Remember, you can select multiple designs (please do), but can only submit your vote once. Voting ends February 14, 2023.