A Little Lake Camp Rework


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“Earth Tone Throw Pillows” is the theme of this week’s Spoonflower Challenge. I’ve enjoyed these contests, but didn’t have a lot of time to spend on a unique entry this week. I have a client project on my plate and I’ve been finishing a couple fabric collections. So, I opted to rework the “Canoes and Paddles” design from my Lake Camp Collection.

The original Canoes and Paddles design
The original Canoes and Paddles design

This challenge requires entrants to work in only four colors: Sand, Dark Oak, Saddle, and Santa Fe. To complete this project, I applied the limited color palette by using the darkest color for the background and then recoloring the remaining elements with the three lighter colors. I simplified some of the paddle designs to make them read a little better. I also removed the “depth map” background as it seemed overly busy. The original design had four bright colors assigned to the canoes. Since I was working with a somewhat monotone colorway, I wanted to make them more interesting. I added some varying stripes and geometric shapes to a few.

Despite the lack of true start-from-scratch creativity, I was pretty satisfied with the final result. I uploaded my entry and went about my business for a bit.

Most of these design challenges display the entries on fat quarters. This theme will, naturally, display on throw pillows. We all know that throw pillows are seldom seen alone in the wild, as they prefer to travel in herds. Thus, I couldn’t leave my one design all alone. I soon set about reworking a few more prints from the Lake Camp collection. The results are pictured in the gallery above. I almost regret not entering the Tree Line print. I think it may be my favorite. I also like the wood grain look of the Depth Map design in the darker colors.

This mini collection will be available on fabric, wallpaper and home decor very soon. Watch this page for details. And if you have the time for some fun scrolling, please support independent artists by casting your vote in the challenge!

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