Avocado Toast and Staying Organized


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The designs shown above are from the Avocado Toast collection, so named for “hero pattern” that started it all.

Just a peek into part of my design-to-market process. I often create designs with a project in mind. I envision the Avocado Toast pattern as a retro toaster cover, while the Cutlery To-Go Check is destined to be little zip pouches for reusable cutlery to throw in a lunch pail. I plan to pair the designs with with a simple check pattern, which I think will work well for the lining of the pouches or as trim on the toaster cover. I’ll be sure to share worthwhile project details in my Maker’s Resource section.
Where did I get my inspiration for this design? Breakfast! I truly enjoy a good avocado toast and I’ve had the idea for creating a themed toaster cover for some time now. So that was the jumping off point and I just followed the design from there. I had several more food and kitchen themed ideas that I considered adding to the mix, but I decided to keep this as a mini-collection for now. Otherwise it would be hard to draw the line. Ultimately I narrowed down the choices to four designs in a handful of colorways for a total of 24 patterns. See them all here.

Before a collection ever gets released, I decide on the name, print scales, design titles, descriptions and other details. I enter all the data into formatted pages that present the information in a well-organized way and I place them in a binder that I keep handy as I work. This helps me stay consistent with my marketing and keeps me from bouncing between computer files. I often need to reference details as I post to my website and social channels.

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