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Thank you for joining me! Grab your favorite beverage and find a quiet space. Here you will find a little bit of everything. Learn about my artistic process, explore home decor ideas, and discover new collections before they are even released. You never know what gems you’ll unearth here. Have questions about anything? Don’t be shy. Reach out – I’d love to hear from you.

buttercup arts and crafts design fabric

Buttercup Bliss

Inspired by a design prompt, but destined for a collection, this buttercup design satisfied a desire of mine to play with Arts and Crafts style. When Spoonflower announced a “Buttercups Home Decor” theme for their weekly challenge I actually sighed …

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Sea Turtle Paradise

This Sea Turtle Paradise print has been a popular piece, so I thought I’d put together a quick share of the inspiration and process behind it. The seed idea for this theme came from my sister, and so requires a tiny backstory …

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Polka dot fabric by Judy Beau shown on a child's sundress.

Ode to the Polka Dot

As I was wrapping up my latest collection, I found myself so in love with the color palettes that I did not want to say goodbye. So I did what I always do when presented with this problem. I created a simple pattern and played with color …

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Dandelion Dreams

You can see I made the move from “retro” to “vintage” vibe with this design. It has romantic cottage charm, yet is not entirely conventional. While I’m a big fan of traditional cabbage roses, I feel dandelions are truly unsung heroes …

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Mossy Milieu shown as wallpaper

Mossy Milieu

I’m not going to lie. Sometimes I’m just not into the theme of the weekly Spoonflower Challenge. This theme was “Mosses.” I wasn’t feeling particularly inspired and could only visualize a sea of …

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Sweet Dreams

The theme of this week’s Spoonflower Challenge is “Room-Specific Wallpaper.” The assignment (I’ve started thinking of these as homework assignments) was to choose a room and create the perfect wallpaper design to adorn the walls …

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Retro Campers

The theme of this week’s Spoonflower Challenge is “Time Machine” and the directive was to create a design around your favorite time period. I’ve been wanting to do a retro camper design …

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Flatware To-Go Kits

This DIY project can be completed in an afternoon and makes a thoughtful eco-conscious gift. To keep with the spirit of sustainability, I chose recycled canvas for the outside fabric in the Flatware To-Go pattern …

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Canoes and Paddles Earth Tone Throw Pillow

A Little Lake Camp Rework

“Earth Tone Throw Pillows” is the theme of this week’s Spoonflower Challenge. I’ve enjoyed these contests, but didn’t have a lot of time to spend on an entry this week. I have a client project on my plate …

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